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Church Street Diner  •  107 Church Street, Carthage, NY  •  (315) 493-0997

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Eating in Upstate New York and Beyond

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All of us are guilty of following that brightly lit “Open” neon sign, on the main drag, when looking for a place to eat. Today though, I found on a side street in Carthage, The Church Street Diner. It was here that I also discovered that “breakfast, is the new lunch”.

Established in 1999 the kitchen is part of the dining area (similar to Lloyd’s of Lowville although with a greater viewing opportunity) with the grill and sandwich stations in full view of the diners. What I love about this is that not only are you enjoying a great meal, you are able to watch your meal being prepared in front of you! As the lunch crowd poured in I was simply amazed at the efficiency of the two member staff! They were attentive, quick and focused on all of our needs. Dawn Lelakowski and her staff really do rock!  


Breakfast and Lunch Served All Day, Every Day. Dinner Friday and Saturday!

"Where you're never too late for breakfast or too early for lunch."

This was our favorite place for the short time we lived in NY. We will miss everything about here!
-Alicia O. (Facebook)

The place where the food is excellent and the conversation is always enthralling.
-Michael Z. (Facebook)

We love The Church Street Diner before or after church, or any time we just don't feel like cooking. Great food, good atmosphere, good service.
-Nathan W. (Facebook)

I have never been disappointed in service, or the food. Dawn knows how to run a great business and she treats her customers like family.
-Craig H. (Facebook)

We were instantly greeted upon walking in the door and were served quickly. Both meals we had were delicious and homemade. The staff made you feel at home by chatting with everyone. We will be stopping back in very soon because we want to try their homemade pies!
-Heather G. (Yelp)

Great food and great service. Love this place. Take your family for a great family breakfast.
-User (Google Reviews)

Love this little place!. Very small town feel, and small little diner. fresh made food and good service. the kind of place they remember your name and what you like
-Aiden (Zomato.com)


Mon - Thurs: 6am - 2pm

Fri: 6am - 6pm

Sat & Sun: 7am - 2pm

The Church Street Diner

Big Hungry Shelby

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The Church Street Diner in Carthage



CARTHAGE — “Never too late for breakfast and never too early for lunch” is a motto I can get behind. It reflects the attitude that greets you on the Church Street Diner’s website, as well as in the restaurant’s tiny, eight-table dining room in Carthage. If you leave the Church Street Diner hungry, that’s on you, buddy, because these people’s mission seems to be filling up the stomachs of its patrons.

The brick storefront on Church Street is so diminutive that it could be the neighborhood diner adjacent to a girl’s dollhouse. It leads to a homey, light-filled dining room decked out with a jam-jar wallpaper border and wall-mounted saw blades painted with pastoral scenes.

The kitchen is open, so you can watch your server, plus two cooks, hustle to churn out all the handcrafted grub into which you’re about to tuck. The tiny size helps with the speedy service, and the fact that the tables around us were all as jovial as we were proved to me that my feelings about the place were accurate.    read more